The PC Engine Software Bible has an individual page for pretty much every PC Engine & Turbografx-16 ever released (plus a few unreleased). You'll find reviews with ratings, screenshots, midi music, mp3 samples, cover scans, gameplay videos, cheats and more! Also the home of PC Engine City, the famous PC Engine music Podcast.



A site worthy of the legendary game and the series which it spawned. If you love Military Madness/Nectaris, you won't find a better site online.



Archive with quality scans of every issue of TurboPlay, DuoWorld and TurboForce, plus the history behind the Turbografx-16's only english language magazines.



The premier english PC-FX site with loads of unique features, covers the Turbografx-16/PC Engine and is one of the official media outlets of Hudson Soft. Also home of the NEC Console Community, one of the best Turbo/PCE forums online and it's also the message board where I hang out at the most.



Universo PC Engine features great thorough and personal reviews of many PC Engine HuCard and CD games and is loaded with nice screen shots.



The website of Chris Covell, the genius PC Engine fan developer responsible for some of the very best homebrew PCE software. His site hosts all of his creations for different platforms and features many unique and interesting articles about video games, life in Japan and more.



Video Game Den has individual pages for hundreds of PC Engine, Super Famicom and Famicom Disk System games. Each page contains brief to-the-point descriptions & reviews as well as lots of quality screen shots and cover scans. Among other cool special features is the Mr. Spoiler section which painstakingly reproduces entire games with a series of screen shots.



The PC Engine Catalog Project esentially recreates the PC Engine Hyper Catalogs and then takes it a step further, both in comprehensive details for each game as well as fully including the entire PC-FX catalog.



Magic Engine is a user friendly Turbografx-16/PC Engine emulator with full support for all HuCards, CD2, Super CD, Arcade CD and SuperGrafx games. A PC-FX emulator is nearing completion.


There's no way I could adequately describe LaZer Dorks. But if you love classic gaming and have a sense of humor, you must visit this site.



As the name suggests, a PC Engine development site with some great demos, utilities and misc PCE content.



Lots of great original articles, reviews, music, a great forum and more. Plus it has the old Turbo List Homepage Cheats (now divided per game on the PCECP site) section in it's original form.



Amazing metal renditions of dozens of classic game soundtracks. You haven't lived until you've heard "Metal Contra".



YouTube page of Benjamin Mckenna, host of the video game series "Game Time".



M1Savage's excellent full featured walkthrough for the great PC Engine RPG Anearth Fantasy Stories/Seiya Monogatari.



PC Engine Fan is a blog featuring reviews, contests and the PC Engine Fan CD Case Insert Project.



PC Engine Hell currently features technical information and history of the PC Engine as well as many reviews with screenshots. Repair and mod tips, high score listing, collection pics and other items are planned for the future.



Aetherbyte is a small team of programmers, artists, and musicians specializing in retrogaming homebrew. Their first PC Engine game is Insanity, which is now available for purchase.



Frozen Utopia is a group of game development specialists with one mission: to produce high-quality games for the PC Engine/TurboGrafx-16 in genres which it lacked during its production.



Three stout men's burly opinions on every Turbo Grafx game ever made. The best selection of quality Turbo/PCE screen shots combined with the best english language reviews online.



Edward's detailed experiences 1CC'ing many PC Engine and other shooter games.



Insightful themed articles covering many PC Engine and other classic games.



A longtime fan details his experiences after finally getting a PC Engine and games.



Reviews and articles covering PC Engine and other classic games.




Articles covering PC Engine gaming and other cool interests.



PC Engine reviews and articles.



Complete database of TurboGrafx-16/PC Engine games where fans can log their collections and game clears as well as rate games.






PC Engine/TurboGrafx-16 Stores


Located in the U.K., Genki Video Games has a large selection of PC Engine games an accessories as well as some nice media and information about the console.


Located in France, MOEROSHOP has a small selection of PC Engine related items as well as tons of general gaming merchandise.






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