The downside of a nice looking white console like the PC Engine is that it shows dirt very well and combined with its textured finish, is very easy to stain. Chances are, if you buy a used PC Engine system, its not going to be perfectly clean or white all over. The good news is that its actually very easy to completely clean this console or similar casings and remove virtually any stains.



Here's what you'll need:

Phillips head Screwdriver
Liquid Bleach
Bucket or Rubbermaid bin
Rubber gloves
Eye protection




Step 1: Removing the PC Engine casing


Use the 4.5mm tool bit to remove the 4 screws on the bottom of the system.

Lift up the top half of the PC Engine while holding on to the bottom half.

Now use a Phillips screwdriver to remove the 3 screws holding the small board attached to the upper casing. Be careful not to misplace the clear piece of plastic that protects this circuit board. Remove both halves of the casing. Use a product like Goo Gone to remove any sticker glue residue.





Step 2: Soak in Liquid Bleach


Place the PC Engine casing pieces and anything else you wish to clean into a bucket or Rubbermaid bin. I recommend using a Rubbermaid bin that is wide enough for everything to lay on the bottom without overlapping. Also, you can seal it up to protect any pets from harming themselves.

I can't recommend enough that you wear rubber gloves before continuing. Eye protection is not as necessary, but is still recommended.

Pour enough liquid bleach to more than submerge the pieces, so that they have room to float.



Most of the dirt will instantly disolve. Press each piece down so that they are all completely soaked in bleach. Give each piece a complete scrub over using a toothbrush. You can minimize splashing by scrubbing each piece while submerged. Once everything has been scrubbed, flip each piece face down and push them down so that they carry enough fluid to float away from the surface.

It is now up to you how long you want or need to let them soak. Chances are, if you continue to scrub and scrape away any marks, you'll quickly reach a level of whiteness that is good enough. But if you want to try to completely remove any stubborn stains and get your PC Engine as bright as possible, you can let it continue to soak for anywhere from an hour to a day before giving it a final scrubbing.





Step 3: Rinse with water


Once you're statisfied with the results, keep your gloves on, remove the cleaned pieces and take them to a sink or tub to be rinsed. A shower head works great at safely rinsing away the bleach. Towel dry the pieces and let them air out until they are completely dry and every nook and cranny is free of moisture.





Step 4: Reassemble and enjoy


Once everything is dry you can reassemble your clean-as-new PC Engine. Don't worry about the scent of bleach, the plastic doesn't absorb it at all and any lingering smell will be gone within a day.